Group Accused of Discrimination Against LGBT Students

LGBT students who attend the University of Guyana (Berbice or Turkeyen) are reportedly being discriminated against by a certain student group.

Several reports from students have all alleged that the student group, while in informal settings, has been advising them to vote based on sexual orientation. It is alleged that the group is discouraging persons from voting for other student groups with LGBT members.

Discrimination is a crime against humanity; an inhumane act which bespeaks a lack of honour and integrity. How can UG students trust a group which encourages such discrimination? Clearly, this group is incapable of representing all students.

Homophobia is already a serious enough issue and should not be encouraged by anyone in any manner. It takes great courage and honour to speak out against this sickness. So stand up, speak out against homophobia, be a revolutionary!

Sharing a quick moment with you while I’m on the go.

How to start a revolution across UG’s campuses…

Within the last two weeks, I’ve spoken one on one with random students from the Tain and Turkeyen campuses of the University of Guyana (UG). Like myself, they’re all ready for change. But, how do we start a revolution?

The revolution starts with voting at the upcoming UGSS election.

One young lady looked me in the eye and asked, “Why should I vote though? To put more thieves in?”

Clearly, the recent financial scandal involving the former UGSS president has stripped the body of its integrity.

However, students forget two things:

(1) The last UGSS president was not voted in.

(2) A large percentage of students do not exercise their right to vote.

Hence, the student group which occupies the UGSS office is not representative of the majority of students on campus. Rather, it is representative of the majority of the minority (about 700) which usually votes. This has always been a recipe for disaster.

To my peers who are ready for change, I say only this, come out and vote and bring a friend. This is how we can start our revolution, the likes of which will revive and sustain UG.

On campus, I am a member of the Revolutionaries. However, every student who comes out to vote, whether they vote Revs, SEA or SMART, is a Revolutionary!

Beauty? At UG? Huh?

How strange it is that man on earth should roam,

And lead a life of woe…(John Keats)

For many of us at the University of Guyana finals have started and so have the rains it seems. Yesterday I looked on, a bit amused, as people hurried through the heavy downpour. Those of you who’ve never been to our university when it rains will probably be alarmed to see the rate at which water accumulates on the lawns. In literally minutes mother nature manages to create several ponds on our campus and a great, grand and beautiful lake replaces the “ball-field” in front.

Once, last semester, I sat looking at these ponds just outside the stables and the Education and Humanities office building. At nights, when the still water reflects the shimmering lights along the catwalk it creates a strangely beautiful picture. Even when the wind brushes her hand gently across the still surface, creating those small rippling motions which have always fascinated me, it’s still almost beautiful.

Even with the stench of decay all around us, even with the background music of our crumbling standards, even with the absence of good will and faith there is still beauty all around us. Beauty does not die; it does not fade but it waits to be seen.