To Ian McDonald

Dear Ian McDonald,

As I sit here this cold, grey morning in Craig Old Road my mind and heart and soul wander through the moments you’ve remembered these past decades. I see now, Ian, if I may be so bold, that there comes a time when a girl must rise and burn the leeches from her skin so that she may forge a sword of metaphors.

Swords, I’m sure you must know, are not only meant for blood. No Ian, some swords have been created to carry flames; flames from the same fire which has kept your dear Martin, our dear Martin burning until now. It is the same fire, Ian, which I have seen in the soul of my Martin.

I have witnessed much more than the man Ian McDonald in A Cloud of Witnesses; I have witnessed my country and region and world. But more importantly Ian, I have been taught by you to see so much more than I’ve been willing to see. And even though, I may not agree with some of what you say, I am honoured that I could drink from this reservoir of yours. Knowledge is never enough. It seems that I have been condemned to thirst until death.

In some ways Ian, I envy you. I am not jealous of Martin, no, I have my own Martin, but I am sorely jealous that you have been able to experience that thing which died long before my birth. You are right though, not all ages can be golden. I am certain that this is an age of lead.

But still, hope is an eternal friend (or foe) of man and so once my Martin lives I have hope. I await the day when the nation recognises that my Martin is really our Martin. You see Ian, men like my Martin (and even your Martin) and maybe one day I may be able to say women like me were not conceived in a womb but in the university of war.

Eternal Gratitude,
Sara Bharrat.

Sharing a quick moment with you while I’m on the go.

How to start a revolution across UG’s campuses…

Within the last two weeks, I’ve spoken one on one with random students from the Tain and Turkeyen campuses of the University of Guyana (UG). Like myself, they’re all ready for change. But, how do we start a revolution?

The revolution starts with voting at the upcoming UGSS election.

One young lady looked me in the eye and asked, “Why should I vote though? To put more thieves in?”

Clearly, the recent financial scandal involving the former UGSS president has stripped the body of its integrity.

However, students forget two things:

(1) The last UGSS president was not voted in.

(2) A large percentage of students do not exercise their right to vote.

Hence, the student group which occupies the UGSS office is not representative of the majority of students on campus. Rather, it is representative of the majority of the minority (about 700) which usually votes. This has always been a recipe for disaster.

To my peers who are ready for change, I say only this, come out and vote and bring a friend. This is how we can start our revolution, the likes of which will revive and sustain UG.

On campus, I am a member of the Revolutionaries. However, every student who comes out to vote, whether they vote Revs, SEA or SMART, is a Revolutionary!